As of the 1st April, filling up your forklift truck with red diesel fuel is no longer permitted within the Material Handling sector. These changes have been brought in by the government to reduce the impact of harmful emissions put out into the air and encourage businesses to improve the energy efficiency of their operations. It will now be a legal requirement to stop using red diesel and switch to an alternative fuel. Our primary source of fuel now is white diesel.

All those that are not permitted to use red diesel from 1st April should use up all the fuel left in their truck. The fuel tank will only need to be flushed out if it is being switches between permitted and non-permitted uses. Before the truck is handed over for hire, we will ensure no traces of red diesel are in the tank. It is then your responsibility to ensure that the correct fuel is put into the tank of your diesel forklift truck.

As a result of the above, from the 1 April 2022, all machines returned from hire will be tested for red diesel fuel on receipt. Any machines returned with red diesel fuel will incur the cost for draining, replenishment and disposal.

We understand the impact this could have on your business, if you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch with your local depot who will be happy to discuss anything further. Alternatively, visit the government website for further guidance.