Warehouse Lifting Equipment

Lithium-ion Pallet Trucks

Lithium-ion Pallet Trucks

 Powered Pallet Trucks

Powered Pallet Trucks

 Stacker with Wrapover Forks

Stackers with Wrapover Forks

Straddle Stackers

Straddle Stackers

Counterbalance Stackers – Reach

Counterbalance Stackers

 Counterbalance Stackers – Pedestrian

Counterbalance Stackers

 Reach Truck

Reach Trucks

 Order Picker

Order Pickers

Grant Handling offer a comprehensive range warehouse lifting equipment to handle all different types of application both in indoor and outdoor applications. All the lifting equipment is available in Lithium-Ion or Lead battery types so that you can choose which is better for your application. See below how our different ranges could optimize the speed of your operations and return on investment and improve health and safety for your employees.

Our Warehouse Lifting Equipment Range

Pallet trucks

We stock both lithium-ion and powered pallet trucks at Grant Handling. Both are great for lifting closed-based pallets, and moving and dropping them off from one location to another. Our pallet trucks are versatile and very well-suited for a variety of application types. Simple and easy to use, we have models in stock that can lift up to 2,500kg in weight.


Our counterbalance and straddle stackers have lift capabilities of up to 1,600kg, and ranges of up to 4.5 metres high! This warehouse lifting equipment offers an efficient solution to normal forklift trucks for stacking pallets and managing your stock inventory. With safety of paramount importance, our stackers are equipped with an emergency stop.

We also stock stackers with wrapover stackers in our warehouse lifting equipment inventory. These are lift open-based pallets of heights up to 5 metres. This series comes in three battery types; lead acid, lithium-ion, and monobloc battery to suit a variety of applications.

Reach truck

Ideal for narrow aisle operations and for lifting to impressive heights of up to 12.5 metres, the reach truck can lift a capacity of up to 2,000kg.

Order picker

Our order picker provides a safe and reliable means to travel around in a warehouse environment – stopping movement if the user puts their hands or feet outside. It can lift loads up to 3 metres high and has a picking height of up to 5 metres – coping with loads of up to 90kg.