It’s that time of year when the weather starts getting worse. Using a forklift outside in the bad winter weather can pose a wider range of risks to your employees’ safety and pedestrians in the area. The harsher weather conditions such as the snow, ice and rain are often ignored, which can lead to more accidents and damaged equipment. We want to look after our customers health and safety, so we have put together several tips to prevents accidents and damage to your forklift truck.


Gritting is a cheap, quick, and effective method of preventing ice and snow from forming. Grit contains rock salt which allows it to melt existing snow and ice.

You should always check the weather a day in advance so you can grit high risk areas before the next working day. Gritting the evening before the frosts sets or early in the morning before staff arrive massively reduces the chances of trips and falls.

Forklift Winter Attachments

Forklift attachments can be effective for clearing areas that have snow and ice on. The extreme weather can affect the efficiency within the workplace and prevent you from going about your daily tasks.

We have a selection of attachments that can be purchased from our shop which will get rid of ice and snow.

  • Forklift Snow Ploughs
  • Forklift Brooms and Brushes

Safety Lights

As visibility and light worsens in the winter, it is vital to check that your forklift safety lights are working.


Anti-freeze is a vital tool for the winter season as it protects all the components of your forklift and prevents rust and corrosion.