Heli’s electric trucks have numerous ways of cutting down on energy consumption.

  • Steering system – The oil supply automatically adjusted according to the speed of the driver’s steering wheel movements.
  • Truck performance modes – Drivers have the ability for users to choose between three truck performance modes to meet different application requirements. P (powerful) may be needed for heavy lifting or climbing steep gradients. E (economical) is a standard mode with reduced energy consumption. S (slow) is the most energy-efficient option, for use when rapid speed is not necessary.
  • Built-in chargers – Heli’s latest 8 tonne lithium-lite truck to the range, comes with a built-in charger which can be plugged into any socket. Being able to plug it in anytime and anywhere, it saves you time from having to drive it to the charging points and so boosts productivity!
  • Automatic deceleration when cornering – When cornering, Heli electric trucks motors put energy back into the battery to save energy.


Driving, lifting and lowering speeds, as well as acceleration, gradeability and residual capacity, compare favourably with diesel trucks. Intelligent mast systems keep everything stable and ensure smooth, buffered movements, to avoid dropping or damaging loads. Automatic deceleration on cornering maintains stability during turns.


The automatic deceleration and intelligent mast system features enforce a safe balance between speed and safety. Through programming, truck owners can set their own speed limits. These can be reduced further, automatically, when the truck is loaded. The driver is well protected by an overhead guard which has been pressed out of sheet metal. This gives a very rigid structure compared to conventional welded constructions. The guard encloses a large and comfortable operator space, complete with a suspension seat. For safety, an operator protection system stops all travel and fork movement if the driver is unseated.


Drivers enjoy quiet operating conditions, with low levels of shock and vibration. The truck’s compact truck shape combines with a small turning radius, clear all-round view and low-effort steering to enable precise manoeuvring.

Grant Handling offer both lead acid and lithium-ion forklift trucks up to 10 tonnes. The electric product range consists of both 3 and 4-wheel counterbalance trucks.