Diesel Heavy Duty Counterbalance Forklift 12-16T

 Diesel & LPG 8.5-10T Forklift

Diesel 12-16T Forklift

Diesel Heavy Counterbalance Forklift 12-16T

This heavy-duty counterbalance forklift is our most powerful truck in the range. Using its turbo charged six-cylinder four stroke engine, this truck can lift to a staggering 16,000KG, whilst maintaining quick driving, lifting, and lowering speeds. Having all the driver essentials, operators can work long shift patterns, whilst staying comfortable all day long. This truck is available in 3 different load centres for different applications including 600, 900 and 1200mm

Models of the Diesel Heavy Counterbalance Forklift 12-16T

12 tonne / 13.5 tonne / 14 tonne / 15 tonne / 16 tonne

Features and Benefits of the Diesel Heavy Counterbalance Forklift 12-16T

Ergonomically Designed

  • Easy access stepping into and out of the forklift using the large anti-skid steps
  • Cabin protected by glass pane all round for a full 360® view
  • The cab electrically opens to a 60-degree opening angle which allows for easy maintenance
  • Enlarged cabin space with reduced noise, a USB slot, a radio, and air conditioning
  • Optional reversing camera and cabin screen


  • Optional Full operator protection system – when the operator leaves the seat it will automatically switch off
  • The advanced rear end design reduced the truck’s centre of gravity, improving the lateral stability – at higher capacity and at an increased load centre

Thermal management system

  • Real time temperature tracking keeps warms up the radiator in the winter and keeps it cool in the summer
  • Its fan is electronically controlled to keep the radiator running efficiently


  • Six-cylinder four stroke turbo charge engine
  • Smooth gear shifting from the ZF transmission
  • Driving speeds with up to 28km/h with a load
  • Excellent performance driving up to steep inclines
  • Fast lifting and lowering speed