4 Wheel Electric Heavy Duty Forklift 8.5-10T

3 – Wheel Electric 1.5-2T Forklift

Heli 3 Wheel Electric 1.5 -2T

4 – Wheel Electric 1.5-3.5T Forklift

Heli 4 Wheel Electric 1.5 – 3.5T

4 – Wheel Electric 4-7T Forklift

Heli 4 Wheel Electric 4 – 7T

4 – Wheel Electric 8.5-10T Forklift

Heli 4 Wheel Electric 8.5 – 10T

4 – Wheel Electric 8.5-10T Forklift

This heavy-duty truck is ideal for the moment of large and heavy loads of to a capacity of 10000 kg at a 600 mm load centre. The truck is the perfect alternative to an engine forklift due to its quiet and powerful electric battery. It can be used in both indoor and outside applications and is designed for multiple types of loads.

Models of the 8.5-10T Counterbalance G series

8.5 tonne / 10 tonne

Available in Lithium-Ion and Lead Acid

Features and Benefits of the 8.5-10T Counterbalance G series

Safe and Reliable

  • The truck is very stable thanks to its low centre of gravity. Its sheer weight keeps it very stable when cornering and when carrying the heaviest loads.
  • Speed limiter
  • Truck automatically detects if the operator leaves their seat and will automatically apply the parking brake
  • The ZAPI display system will notify the driver if the break temperature is too high it puts the truck into tortoise mode
  • Full operator protection system – when the operator leaves the seat it will automatically switch off

Easy to Maintain

  • The charging port within the truck locks in the charging cable
  • Truck automatically cools down for a 30 second period after it is switched off
  • The lead acid battery auto fills the battery cells with water when the level gets too low (optional and lead acid version only)

Intelligent Features

  • Dual front wheels and motors provide extra stability and performance so that you can work in tougher applications
  • Mast buffer when lifting or lowering the mast
  • Automatic handbrake