Lithium-ion Pallet Trucks

Lithium-Ion pallet trucks are for lifting closed based pallets and moving and dropping them off from one location to another. Due to their compact size, they are versatile and suitable for a variety of application types. The lithium-ion powered pallet trucks fully take the effort out of load handling, making you operations more efficient and increasing your productivity.  Simple, flexible, lightweight – these pallet trucks have an incredibly small turning circle make them very easy to use, making them ideal for use in narrow aisles or loading lorries and containers.

Lithium-Ion Pallet Truck 1500KG–2000KG

This fully electric lithium-ion pallet truck allows the operator to simply lift the handle and drive. Changing to a fully electric pallet truck takes the effort out of load handling and increases productivity. It can lift to 2000 kg at a 600 mm load centre.

Models of the Lithium-Ion Pallet Truck

1500KG / 1800KG / 2000KG

Available in 550mm / 1150 mm Forks

Features and Benefits of the Lithium-Ion Pallet Truck

  • This lithium-ion pallet truck is simple and dexterous with a very small turning radius, making it suitable for ultra-narrow channel operations
  • It is compact, reliable, and light weight
  • It has an integrated handle which includes a key switch and electric meter and is very comfortable for the operator
  • The hand-held lithium battery is easy and convenient to change
  • It has an emergency stop and reverse switch ensuring truck safety
  • The truck has a power-off braking function – If the operator lets go of the handle or presses it down the truck will stop immediately
  • Electromagnetic and motor braking is utilised to ensure driver safety
  • All metal body – strong and durable
  • Battery/ voltage display gives you real time tracking info
  • Battery cover prevents dirt and water getting into the battery

Hand Pallet Truck 2500KG

This heavy-duty manual pallet truck with 1150/550mm forks can lift to 2500 kg is suitable for general industrial use. Its ergonomic handle makes it both comfortable and easy to use. The handle has 3 different functions including lift, lower and neutral. Its reinforced heavy-duty forks come with tandem load wheels to reduce damage to pallets.

Features and Benefits of the 2500KG Hand Pallet Truck

  • Ergonomic Rubber Handle
  • Strong Forks
  • Tandem nylon wheels