Contract Hire

With the choice of multiple options of finance, it can be difficult to decide which type will meet your business needs best.

Contract hire is a form of finance whereby you can fund the use of the forklift for a long period of time (typically one to seven years). This method of finance is ideal for those that don’t want to purchase a truck outright and want to spread the cost out across a period of time to improve cash flow. This also allows the business to avoid the burden of owning the truck and the need to outsource maintenance.

One of the key benefits of purchasing a truck on contract hire is you can own the latest technology in the forklift industry, whilst only paying a small rental each week/month,which includes servicing and maintenance within the price. improving your cash flow. Our all inclusive maintenance means we take care of everything for you and keep your truck running all year round. If your needs change during your contract hire agreement with us, we will help you switch to a better suited truck for your application, without penalties. Remember, as you’ll be signing a contract for a fixed term, its vital to make sure you get the right truck and specification for your application.

Our specialist team are there to advise you with every step along the way. Get in contact with us via email or phone call if you have any further questions about whether this is the best option for you.

We have highlighted the reasons below why contract hire could benefit your business needs!

Safer Workplace
A well-maintained vehicle will ensure your workplace is a safe environment to work in

Improves Operator Safety
Our trucks have been ergonomically designed to reduce truck vibrations and reduce driver fatigue

Improve Usage of Capital
Investing in our products for your business whilst only paying a small fee each month, will free up your capital to be used in other areas of your business

No Initial Purchasing Outlay
Fixed outgoings each month will mean that there will be no initial, large purchasing fee when you hire one of our forklifts

No Depreciation in Value
If you have a truck out on hire with us, you won’t have to worry about your forklift depreciating in value

Fixed Monthly Payments
Fixed payments each month will help with your cash flow each month and will make budgeting easier!

Maintenance Included
The cost of maintenance will be included within the contract hire price of the truck

Equipment Properly Maintained
Your forklift will always be maintained to an excellent standard, planned and scheduled to meet your suit your specific needs

Maximum Uptime
Hiring a new truck of ours will ensure your equipment runs at maximum uptime

Our trucks are being continuously redesigned to meet the latest rules and legislations which are constantly being updated to reduce the impact that our trucks are having on the environment. Thus, by purchasing one of our trucks, you will be doing your part to save the planet.

Latest Technology
Our modern trucks have the latest features that help you to be more efficient with your work and save money